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Hmi kinco and ascon xn controller

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  • Hmi kinco and ascon xn controller

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble communicating with an Ascon controller and a Kinco GL100E hmi. The problem is that the controller only communicates with an ascon protocol and I don't know how I should do so that the hmi communicates with it.
    The commands are of the kind:
    B?WL - to read the controller setpoint
    B!WL 0222 - to change the temperature to 222 Cº

    Can anyone help me with this communication.
    Thank you all for any help you can provide.

  • #2

    Kinco not have list the Ascon Protocol on communication,
    Maybe you need use a standard protocol, like Modbus RTU, TCP or UDP.

    Check the communications posibilities on the Ascon Controller.


    • #3
      First of all, thanks for your reply. No, the hmi kinco doesn't have the communication for the Ascon protocol and I've tried with modbus rtu, modbus ascii, universal slave ascii and I can't get it to work. With an ascon controller xf series, I can communicate by modbus rtu because it allows this type of communication, now the series xn, xp and xt only allow the ascon protocol and that's where my difficulty is, because I don't know how to do this work.
      Thanks again for any and all help you can give.


      • #4
        I don't have any experience with Ascon equipement, but if the controller say a Ascon Protocol for sure is a propietary protocol
        and not compatible with modbus,

        Ask to technnical support for converter, or use another controller wth modbus support.


        • #5
          Thank's one more time for your help, maybe someone else know how to do it. Let's see if someone can help more.


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