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Nueva versión del software NQ Designer v2.0 para pantallas HMI de Omron

Omron ha lanzado una nueva versión del software NQ-Designer (v2.0) para su gama económica de pantallas HMI que permite, entre otras funciones, programar los modelos Ethernet

Nueva versión del software  NQ Designer v2.0 para pantallas HMI de Omron

NQ-Designer es el software de programación para la serie NQ HMI Omron. Este software le permite programar fácilmente todos los modelos de NQ.

Esta nieva versión te permite:

- Programa de los nuevos modelos de Ethernet,

- Realizar la conversión de programa entre diferentes modelos de pantalla

- Se ejecutan en Windows 7 (32 y 64 bits)

Información de cómo conectar y programar los productos NQ se pueden encontrar en los archivos de Ayuda del software y en la serie NQ introducción manual (V07E-ES-02) o en nuestra zona de DESCARGAS -OMRON 

Puede descargar la versión 2.0 de NQ Designer Aquí

------- Novedades Versión 2.0 ----------

More information on NQ-designer V2.0

For more information on NQ-Designer, see the Software Help function, accessible in the lower left corner of your programming screen

Read this document carefully before installing / using NQ-Designer V2.0



� Be aware that uninstalling V1.3 (not V1.3i) will delete some registry entries of CX-One, and CX-One will need to be installed again to work properly.

NQ-Designer V2.0 has the proper uninstaller for NQ-Designer V1.3 resolving this problem. So do not uninstall V1.3 but follow these instructions:

Unzip NQ-Designer V2.0 and run Setup.exe.

This method will make sure NQ-Designer V1.3 is properly uninstalled and NQ�Designer V2.0 will be properly installed.

Do NOT uninstall NQ-Designer V1.3 with NQ-Designer V1.3 uninstaller.

� Data logger format is completely modified.

Problems can occur if applications containing logged data, defined and created in previous NQ-Designer versions, are downloaded with NQ-Designer V2.0 to the HMI.

It is therefore important that old logged data (V1.*) is erased from the NQ-Series HMI.

There are two ways to erase the data logger information.

o NQ-Designer (project, properties, settings tab, erase data logger)

o NQ-HMI: Through system setup (pressing lower left corner of HMI while powering the unit) and erase data logger.

If above action is not performed the unit will restart continuously.

Erase data logger information from V1.3 as mentioned above if this occurs.

Improvements and new feature in NQ-Designer V2.0


Below information is described in the NQ-Designer software help and also explained in the NQ-series Introduction manual (V07-EN-02)

� Ethernet models added

The NQ HMI series has been extended by 2 new models with ethernet connection supporting the FINS (UDP) protocol.

� Support for Windows 7 (32 bits/ 64 bits)

NOTE: Programming NQ Series HMI over USB is 100% compatible with NQ Bootversion V2.01.

When using NQ series HMI on Windows7 containing an older bootversion (V1.00, V1.10,V2.00) please use following steps.

Install, when asked the Windows XP driver on the W7 system.

In some cases it is still possible that NQ Series HMI will not respond.

As an additional step go on your Windows 7 PC to Devicemanager/ Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Here you will see USB Root Hubs.

Double click on the Root Hub, select Power Management and de-select �Allow the computer to turn off this device to save Power�.

Perform this action for all Root Hubs.

These actions are also described in the Software help section in NQ-designer V2.0.

� Data logger function

FIFO mode has been added. Default setting for new applications.

When selected it will overwrite the first 64kb of data log memory when flash memory is full.

Example: 256 KB setting, S0002=100% will after FIFO be 75% and continue with logging.

� Screen navigation

Made easier and can be configured from Properties, screen navigation (new tab). Same applies for popup screen navigation. It is advised for users to select this method or change previously created applications in case of problems with screen navigation (switch screen from tag, in global tasks).

� Tag selection alphabetically organized

For easier selection of required tag (tag name as well as address).

� Show/Dock the tag list in workspace

Open a screen and click the tag database icon in the toolbar.

Advantage is that you can create the tag without moving away for the screen.

� Multi-line text on buttons and lamps supported

� Alarm improvements

Larger fonts added, default is small (V1.3), added medium and large font.

Support for 256 discrete alarms that act on individual bits or conditional state (comparison registers/values).

�Model conversion

Model to model ONLY

Additional: One protocol conversion possible (NT-LINK/Host link to FINS Ethernet)

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